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Posted by Michael on 4/6/2016 to News

Everyone is discussing it—both OEMs and the Aftermarket alike! There is no secret that Lexmark’s imaging business is up for sale. It would seem that all interested parties in the US have withdrawn from the bidding war. So again all eyes turn to China, as they have previously, to see who may be involved in this latest imaging acquisition.


Some say it’s the Chinese multinational technology company, Lenovo, with headquarters in Beijing, China, and North Carolina, USA. Yet others, with some authority, are telling RT Media that the China-based Ninestar and Apex Microelectronics (Apex) group are hoping to snatch the iconic brand.


If Lexmark becomes part of the Ninestar-Apex group, how will this work out with their former foes Static Control (SCC) who have also been acquired by Apex? What will happen with prebate and the first sale IP business models? How might this acquisition impact your business?


The imaging industry has seen some dramatic consolidating recently. According to (Recycling Times) RT Media’s database of news, a total of 16 consolidating activities took place in 2015—with announcements taking place almost every month. They include the China-based Suzhou Goldengreen Technologies (SGT) becoming the major shareholder of Cartridge World and the merger of SCC and Apex.


In 2016, such consolidation activities reveal that the Aftermarket is becoming stronger. With so many Chinese companies investing in iconic Western brands no further proof is needed about how serious China has become. And it cannot be ignored. After all the previous engagements and conflicts, is it even possible for Lexmark, with headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, to work with the Aftermarket in China?

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