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Posted by Michael on 1/12/2016 to News

An anarcho-syndicalist union in Mexico (Unión Anarco-Sindicalista de Monterrey: UAS) has announced its solidarity with the ongoing struggle of workers at the Lexmark plant in the city of Ciudad Juárez.

In its declaration, UAS said:


In December 2015, this billion-dollar company, which manufactures laser cartridges at its Ciudad Juárez plant, fired a group of workers (between 70 and 100 persons) for taking part in a series of protest actions, including a strike on December 7. During this strike, the main demands were an increase in pay of 6 pesos (about $0.35) per day and the right to organize a union. The company doesn't pay year-end bonuses [traditional in Mexico] nor workers' compensation; the workers get between 114 and 120 pesos per day. After the firings, the workers continued to hold meetings in front of the plant.

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